The UK Patient Safety Event

Ensuring the safety of a patient has fast become a critical policy issue for the government and there has never been a more appropriate time to accelerate change in the healthcare sector.

26 November 2019 | Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes

Patient safety has made great progress since the publication of To err is human 20 years ago but there is much more to do. The NHS & the healthcare sector in general is working hard to understand the relationship between normal human behaviour and systems that determine patient safety.

The mistaken belief persists that patient safety is about individual effort. People too often fear blame and close ranks, losing sight of the need to improve. More can be done to share safety insight and empower people – patients and staff – with the skills, confidence and mechanisms to improve safety. Getting this right could save almost 1,000 extra lives and £100 million in care costs each year from 2023/24. The potential exists to reduce claims provision by around £750 million per year by 2025.

A safety system is not static. Digital developments and new technologies offer the potential for transformational improvements in safety. For example, electronic prescribing and medicines administration (EPMA) systems, for which the latest tranche of funding has just been announced, reduce medication errors and free up staff time for other activities.17 Advances in clinical decision support are improving diagnostic reliability and reducing unwarranted variation, and artificial intelligence is helping doctors triage diagnostic images. Appropriate patient access to clinical records enables them to be partners in their care and the decision-making around it.

Attend this event to:

• improve your understanding of safety by drawing insight from multiple sources of patient safety information (Insight) • equip patients, staff and partners with the skills and opportunities to improve patient safety throughout the whole system (Involvement) • design and support programmes that deliver effective and sustainable change in the most important areas (Improvement)

Children's Ministry

Dr. Keith Tsui

Ceo and Founder – Medwyse l.t.d.

Youth Ministry

Denise Hanson

Head of Techincal Services – BICS

Men's Ministry

Liz Ashall Payne

Founding Ceo – ORCHA

Women's Ministry

Colin Elkins

Global Industry Director – IFS

Clive Flashman

Chief Digital Officer – Patient Safety Learning





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